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National Coming Out Day

Posted by Priya Faith on

Today, 11th October, marks National Coming Out Day in the UK. While the occasion was first celebrated in the USA, the UK has since adopted the celebration. Observation of National Coming Out Day aims to bring awareness to how the LGBTQ+ community often has to navigate when coming out to the people around them. 


To mark the occasion, we’re taking things back to basics as we break down what the LGBTQ+ acronym stands for. First, of course, there are more terms surrounding sexuality and gender that fall under the umbrella of LGBTQ+. 


Remember, understanding comes from education. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to educate ourselves, not those around us. 


L is for Lesbian


G is for Gay


B is for Bisexual 


T is for Transgender


Q is for Queer OR Questioning 


+ is for PLUS


As a single term can’t sum up many sexualities and gender identities, the + sign was introduced to ensure everyone feels seen, welcomed and celebrated. 

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