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10 Black Influencers Changing The Game

Posted by Priya Faith on

Today, we wanted to share just 10 of the incredible Black influencers changing the game right now. Trust us; they’ll leave you feeling seriously inspired.


    1. Abiola Abrams

      Abiola Abrams is an author and coach championing self-worth and visibility. Self-proclaimed as a “spiritpreneur” you’ll find plenty of good vibes, practical advice and pure intentions when you connect with Abiola.  


        2. Amber Rose Gill

          Dubbed “the first solo winner of Love Island,” Amber is unapologetically herself. From slaying the fashion game to using her platform to raise awareness and spread positive vibes, Amber is a queen.


            3. Chrissy Rutherford

              For fashion lovers, Chrissy Rutherford should be on your radar. As a mental health advocate and style guru, the Harper Bazaar contributor won’t just inspire your wardrobe, but your mind too.


                4. Flex Mami

                  Lillian Ahenkan is the Australian DJ, TV Host and Author behind the Bobo and Flex podcast, speaking candidly about all things sex & lifestyle. If you’ve not heard it yet, check it out!


                    5. Maya Jama

                      Maya Jama: the queen of clap backs, body positivity and good vibes. The former Radio 1 DJ and TV personality continuously shares genuine advice, useful information and of course, killer looks.


                        6. Patricia Bright

                          Patricia Bright is a mother, a content creator and a businesswoman behind The Break; a platform helping influencers to harness their social prowess. When she’s not slaying the game on social media, you’ll find her behind the mic for her podcast, Caught Off Guard.  


                            7. Reggie Yates

                              Reggie Yates is a writer, director and advocate for change. Whether you catch one of his many incredible documentaries or lose yourself in the wealth of knowledge on his social media, his work is sure to inspire you.


                                8. Rickey Thompson
                                  Rickey Thompson’s bio literally reads “I like to make people laugh that’s all”, and that’s exactly what he does. It’s impossible to see one of his videos and not crack a smile.


                                    9. Studio Mucci

                                      Amina Mucciolo AKA Studio Mucci describes herself as “a rainbow in your cloud”. She comes with all the colours as she continuously uses her platform to uplift her fans and amplify voices for worthy causes.  


                                        10. Toni Tone

                                          You may recognise some of Toni’s viral tweets. The advocate, speaker and champion of empowerment speaks a whole lot of sense. If her work isn’t on your radar, it should be.

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