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Newbie Introduction; Get to know our resident writer Priya Faith

Posted by Priya Faith on

I’m super excited to have recently joined the Punky Pins team. While I’m drowning in product descriptions right now, I’ll be covering an array of topics in the coming weeks and months. 


From feminism, racism and equality to self-care, cats and cooking, Punky Pins is on a mission to talk about the shit that matters. Right now, we want to hear from you. So, hit reply and let us know what you want to see us discussing and featuring, and we’ll work our magic ✨


In the meantime, as a way of introduction, here are five facts about me: 


😅  I am the human embodiment of marmite. You’ll either love or hate me; there’s really no in-between. 

🌊  I live in North Devon. Before the pandemic, I hated it. Now, I’ll never take having beaches on my doorstep for granted again. 

🐶  I have an 8-year-old, slightly overweight, incredibly snobby Pomeranian called Marley.

🌴  I’m happiest when I’m travelling. For me, this ugly ass island is very bad vibes. South America is next on my list, so send recommendations my way, pls. 

😭  I didn’t realise how boring I actually am until I wrote this. 

Love, Priya xoxo (gossip girl)

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