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Stress Less: Ways to Prioritise, Rest and Recharge

Posted by Priya Faith on

Does anyone else consider themselves a master of self-sabotage? Well, you’re not alone. We can all be guilty of taking on too much and, in turn, running ourselves into the ground. They say that if we don’t rest, our bodies will force us to. I, for one, have found that out the hard way. So, this is your reminder to take some time for yourself and recharge/realign your chakras/get your shit together. 


Go off-grid – although a retreat in a Costa Rican jungle is how off-grid I’d like to be, that may be a little extreme. So, maybe start small and have 1 day a week where your phone is off. You don’t have to be ‘always on’.  


Connect with nature – simply stepping outside to get some fresh air can work wonders. It’s free, and it’s effective, do it more often. (Bit rich coming from Wednesday Addams, but I’m working on it!) 


Practice gratitude – when we’re stressed out, it’s easy to forget about the good things in life. Spending a couple of minutes a day practising gratitude is truly a game-changer. 


Move more – I never thought I’d be someone who uses exercise as an outlet for stress; I was wrong. So, get those steps in, dance around your room or whip out the boxing gloves; I bet you’ll feel better for it. 


Respect your own boundaries  - PSA: boundaries only work if you stick to them, too. 


I’d also like to caveat this and say, sometimes, self-care is actually getting shit done. For example, if you have an important project or big deadline hanging over your head and you know you won’t be able to switch off until it’s done, sometimes ticking it off is the best thing for you. 

Love, Priya xoxo

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