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Food Shaming

Posted by Priya Faith on

If there's one thing we have NO time for this festive season, it's food shaming or feeling guilty about the calories we consume. 

Christmas should be a time for enjoyment, relaxation, and indulgence. But, unfortunately, for many of us, the celebration can be overshadowed by the feeling of guilt and shame over food. 

While it's easier said than done, try not to get caught up in calorie counting this Christmas. Remember that you are SO much more than what you eat or drink. 

This year, we're waving goodbye to restriction, calorie counting and weighing ourselves. Instead, we're making way for enjoyment, being present and giving ourselves a well-deserved break. 

P.S. if someone else tries to food shame you, don't be afraid to tell folk to f*ck off. 

Top tips for managing negative thoughts around food: 

  • When negative thoughts about food pop into your head, acknowledge them and treat them with compassion. 
  • Remind yourself that you haven't done anything wrong and are still worthy. 
  • Try replacing feelings of guilt with positive affirmations – this is a great way to change your mindset around food.  
  • Talk to a friend or relative if you need some extra support. 

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