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Pop Sockets

Hands up if you’ve been personally victimised by a blurry selfie or a cracked phone screen? We hear ya! Our brand new cute popsockets are what your phone needs and with plenty of designs to choose from, you can find the perfect one to match your phone case. These cool popsockets attach to the back of your phone and make holding your phone one-handed easier than ever. No more shaky selfies, no more awkward autocorrects, just ‘pop’ on your popsocket whenever you need more grip or a stand for your device. Popsockets can be used on phones, e-readers and tablets, plus, thanks to the reusable sticky back, you can stick them on multiple times. Our cute popsockets range is packed with our favourite designs including mystical seeing eyes, out of this world galaxy prints, sparkles and the tried and tested Punky Pins favourite, cats! With an innovative poppable design, you’ll always wonder how you lived without a popsocket. Shop the collection at Punky Pins today! Looking for more ways to give your phone some flair? Check out our cute stickers collection for more inspo or if you want to accessorise your jackets and bags, check out our enamel pins